Joy and Roy


Joy Martina, Ph.D.

The Rapid Change Coach
It is my passion to help people heal their conflicts, overcome challenges and get results FAST. I am a Trainer helping those who are seeking to help others. I do strategic interventions based on intuitive sensing of the unspoken issues.

Karmic Scene Investigation
I see myself as a relentless Sabotage Detective, Soulution Facilitator and a Guide to the Joyful Discovery of Self. I believe in finding the root-cause of life challenges and being the space holder for miracles and spontaneous solutions.

Subconscious Repatterning
My approach is based on combining the Subconscious Neuro-Programming of the brain, Strategic Intervention Coaching principles, Influencing the Subconscious mind with Hypnotic Positivism and accessing the Universal Wisdom through Channeling.

Coaching Style
I am known for my down to earth approach and the unique combination of rational left-brain strategies and right brain intuitive capacities. I have been coaching clients on lifestyle changes for 10 years.

Executive Corporate Consulting
Part of my services is strategic consulting to corporate clients all over the world. Whether to find the blocks for under performance or to streamline teams or assist executives with core decisions.

Expertise & Training
My expertise is rapid lasting change using my wide spectrum of techniques:
Certified Omega Life & Business Coach; Master Intuitive Hypnotist; Trainer, Teacher and Author; ICON Christallin Oracle; Certified Virtual Gastric Band Therapist; Certified Weight Loss Expert; Pong Youp Trainer; Remote Viewer (trained by Ex-CIA agent David Moorehouse); Quantum Hypnotist (Dolores Cannon); Matrix Energetics Practitioner (trained by Richard Bartlett) – oh! and also have a Masters in Communication Sciences, have worked in the Fashion and Beauty Industry as a certified Personal Stylist. My clients being high ranking politicians and celebrities such as the author Paulo Coelho. So where in the past I used to work on getting people look their best, I now work from the inside out and wow! what a difference that makes!

Author, Trainer & Researcher
I am the co-author of 6 books and have trained Coaches in the USA, China and Europe. I lead the ICON-(International Christallin Oracles Network), a dedicated group of gifted Oracles/Channelers that continues training and doing research on the future.

Roy Martina

roy-martina-hd-240x300MD, Author, Trainer, Innovator

I am a medical doctor specialized in holistic therapies (Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Cancer therapy, Psycho Neuro Immunology & Deep Change Hypnosis).

Bridging the gap between science and intuition
I have developed many alternative therapies such as Omega Healing, RAPID (Allergy treatment), Neuro-Emotional Integration (Emotional Trauma Therapy) and INTEGRA (Integrated Complementary Medicine).

Trainer of Trainers
I have been teaching all over the world for 30 years. I have trained over 250,000 people including doctors, professors, therapists, coaches and managers worldwide.

Corporate strategic consultant
I am a strategic consultant to businesses and assist in creating the optimal flow in the workforce for increased productivity and diminishing the absenteeism by disease.

Prolific Author
I have written over 70 books; several of these have been translated into more than 8 languages. My world best seller is called “Emotional Balance”(Hay House).

Passionate about Life
I am passionate about health, longevity and fitness research and integrate all that I learned into the Omega Christallin method. I am also a 6th degree Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor.

Working with the Best 
I have worked with Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Debbie Ford, Cheryll Carter-Scott, Jasmuheen, Peggy Dylan, Eric Pearl and Albert Ignatenko and many more.

Allow Us to Help You
… be the best you can be
… transform your life
… fall in love with life and yourself again!