The soul and the spirit

“The soul is a special part of the spiritual being that we are and the soul is programmed to learn and evolve through experiencing. The soul carries with it the memory of the past experiences and what went wrong and has the need to evolve to higher levels of wisdom, being loving, kind and express gratitude. It will create and attract circumstances and people that will give us the opportunity to learn by forgiveness, detachment, acceptance, compassion, love and letting go. The soul’s goal is to teach us not to take thing personal, to accept what we cannot change and to change what we can and to ke775F455F74595E50ep expanding our capacity to love.

The spirit, our highest consciousness, is the one constructing our life’s mission to help the soul in its evolution; the spirit has the overview of the big picture, it wants us to let go of the belief of separation and become one with all there is. We are not separated beings but are all connected to the same source, like all the branches of a tree linked to the same trunk.. and the same goes for us human beings. The ego is the part of us that believes in self and separation, and once we transcend that we reach the first level of enlightenment…which for most people is not a goal or even attainable.”


Da “Omega Healing, the new  healing system”
by Joy&Roy Martina (Mylife editions,february 2017)

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The subconscious mind and the habits

The word habit comes from the latin “habitus”. This term can be translated with “habitual behavior” but also with “piece of clothing“. In fact, the things we are used to doing and believing are like clothes that we wear everyday but at the same time these clothes define the way we perceive ourself and the world around us.  The problem is that, differently from the real clothes that we can take off whenever we want, the habits are really difficult to change, since they grew up with us and they represent the main structure on which our safety and our identity stand . This is why for most people introducing new “clothes” in the wardrobe by putting away the old ones means feeling utterly lost and confused. 
In “Omega Healing, the new healing system” (Mylife, february 2017) Joy and Roy Martina explain the meaning and the origin of habits:

“So habits are literally hard-wired in the brain, they have a physiological representation just like the cables of the old telephone systems; it is real and not an energetic or chemical memory. That makes it very hard to change a habit like stop smoking, stuttering or the way you react emotionally. Besides this physiological component, there are more aspects connected to our habits and that are our memories of the past , we also react based on our past experiences that are unresolved. part of the brains stores these memories on subconscious level and together that creates our behavioral patterns and reactions to situations.

This subconscious part is also like a huge library with the manuals that describe how you usually act and behave. A change here is  difficult to achieve because of the critical mind that hinders the access to the library. This library is built in our early years (before the age of seven) and is not easily modified by the conscious mind. Once it is programmed it is difficult to change. The reason for it is , that before the age of seven, the critical mind is weak and we are open to believe almost everything. After seven we have developed our critical mind and what is already locked into the vault of the subconscious mind is then difficult to change. We may believe that we are powerful consciously but if the subconscious mind does not agree you will not be able to show that power. It takes a lot of willpower to create change.

With Theta-Coaching we can access the inner library and re-arrange the information there. Theta-Coaching happens by guiding the client to relax into a peaceful state of mind, where the critical mind is not as active and then access the subconscious mind. Hypnosis is a very similar way, but the difference is that in Theta-Coaching 80% of the results can be done without a deep trance as often is needed with hypnosis. The client will be trained to work on the subconscious level to re-program his mind. He will learn powerful interactive mind techniques to remove healing blocks and reset the mind set for a positive outcome.”

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The human body: a self-healing mechanism

“Your physical body has a new inbuilt miraculous features. One of those features is a unique self-repair system. Any physical problem that is body created in the body can be fully reversed by its self-healing mechanism and by supportive measures such as healing food, water, meditation, visualization, reflex point, etc. The difference between your body and other machinery is that your body does not come with a manual when you are born. So for most people it is trying to figure out what needs to be done by trial and error.

A good question is: why does the body show symptoms?
The answer to this simple question is that symptoms are warning signs, telling us that something is off and that if we continue on this path we can get more serious problems such as chronic disease. Most symptoms is the beginning are subtle: fatigue,  layogack of concentration, insomnia, indigestion, headaches, stiffness, runny nose, sneezing , chills, emotional sensivity, etc.

We know that every healing is self-healing because the human body is a self healing machine. It is the mind that needs impulses from outside to get going, the beliefs interfere with the healing mechanism of the body and can even be disease forming. For example if you have a scratchy throat and you say: ” Here we go again, i’m going to get a cold!” then that is what will happen.
No matter how many times this has happened in the past, does not mean it need to happen in the future, you can change that pattern in your mind. The mind can be used to confirm a pattern or break a pattern. If the mind does not interfere with the body , we can see the natural patterns. For example if you break your femur (your leg), it takes normally 4 weeks for it to heal back if there are no complications. If you use your mind you can bring that down to 2 weeks or less, depending how much effort you want to put into it.”

Passage taken from “Omega Healing, the new healing system”
by Joy&Roy Martina (Mylife, february 2017).

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Check the oil!

“Emotions are not good or bad, it is how we handle them that can make the difference between being healthy and getting sick. When managed properly the emotions are a powerful feedback system that can help to prevent disease. With the Emotional Balance Method ( an important tool of Omega Healing) we have a great tool to go analyze the energy flow on emotional level, this way we can check what the cause is and re- adjust the system. images

Instead of ignoring, suppressing or rationalizing emotions we should welcome them as a warning and an invitation to re-balance ourselves. We need to learn how to get out of the emotional stage in a healthy way and let go of any pent up energy. Anger for instance is a sign that the energy in the liver meridian is stuck. Instead of suppressing that emotion we can learn to accept it and to transform it into forgiveness, then were- establish the energy flow. Any emotion is  a sign to check the system like the light in your car dashboard that signalizes lack of oil. Don’t ignore the warning, check the oil!”     

Passage taken from “Omega Healing, The new healing system”
by Joy and Roy Martina (Mylife, february 2017)

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Everything starts on the energetic level

“The foundation of life is energy.

imgresEverything starts with energy; energy is the core of who we are. We need energy to live and our bodies change our food into energy and building blocks useable for our bodies. We have various systems for transporting energy to nurture and charge the body.Being stuck in an emotional pattern (stress) influences the energy flow until it stagnates. It is like leaking energy and that is why in Omega we start first to look at the way we deal with life emotionally.

Everything starts on the energetic level. Each organ is connected to a specific energy channel (meridian) and each meridian resonates with specific emotions. If we hold on to our negative emotions we act like throwing pebbles in a stream of water. If we keep on throwing the pebbles we create a dam. Stagnation is the result; the stream starts to build up pressure on one side and less water on the other side. At some point the energy flow gets completely stuck, the organ that is connected to that meridian suffers of a prolonged lack of energy and will get start to malfunction or cut down on its workload and gets backed up. For example, the liver will detoxify the blood less and less from all kinds of toxins and that leads to overburdening of other organs that then also star to work less optimally. This then can lead to sickness.”

Passage taken from “Omega Healing, The new healing system”
by Joy and Roy Martina (Mylife, february 2017)

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A new idea of health

The latin word for health is salus that can be identified with a physical condition free from diseases. Nevertheless, the word salus has also another meaning that is completely different from the previous one: salus can also be translated with the term integrity, which is a sense of  completeness and entirety. In this respect, Joy and Roy Martina in “Omega Healing, the new healing system” (Mylife, february 2017) introduce this new conception of health:

” Health is muchimgpsh_fullsize-1 more than the absence of symptoms. Health is living your potential on all levels. Health is the vital expression of the best you can be on the various levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It includes physical health as well as emotional wellbeing, also the chance to develop your talents, also to reach your personal goals and to evolve spiritually. It is like “all inclusive”, it is AND not OR. The “perfect health” is the radiant, vital , creative, happy you expressing your talents, skills and qualities with grace, ease and joy and facing your challenges with inner calm and the wisdom that every challenge will make you stronger”

In this sense Omega Healing turns the idea of health into something more than an existence free from diseases and worries. “Health” means reaching a condition of welfare that is not only physical but also mental and spiritual. It means loving ourselves, being conscious of our value and being able to transform the difficulties of life into an occasion of personal growth. It means being complete, in every part of our being.

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